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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a catalog or sell online?
We do not have a catalog. We have a selection of our fabrics to purchase online, but these are only a small fraction of the assortment we offer in our brick-and-mortar stores.

How many stores do you have?
We have two stores, the original Fabric Place Basement at the Cloverleaf Mall in Natick, MA and a second store at the Beacon Center in Alexandria, VA. All the former Fabric Place stores closed in 2008.

Why are your stores called Fabric Place Basement?
The original Fabric Place Basement located in Natick is in the coolest possible basement space (it feels more like a loft really). But more, importantly, the name reflects our pricing strategy and business model. Fabric Place Basement stores offer brand new, first quality merchandise but the fabric prices are always terrific, giving the “basement” part of Fabric Place Basement a double meaning.

Do you have an elevator in Natick? Do I need an elevator in Alexandria?
Yes, we have an elevator in our Natick store. Our Alexandria store is on street level. Both stores are handicap accessible.

If I sign up for your email list, will you share my name?
No, Fabric Place Basement respects your privacy, and you will only receive email directly from Fabric Place Basement.

Do you have special discount programs for decorators or students?
Yes, we offer a special educational discount program to students enrolled in licensed or accredited fashion, design, interior decorating or theater programs. Students must present a valid student ID to receive the discount.

We also offer a discount program to decorators and businesses that use our fabric for resale. To receive the discount, business owners must present a federal or state tax ID certificate and a business card.

I am a designer with a wholesale business. Can you provide special quantities and wholesale pricing?
Yes, we love to work with designers! Designers will find Fabric Place Basement a valuable resource for assembling or completing collections. For businesses and designers who purchase fabric and trim in sufficient yardages, we may sometimes offer special pricing.

Can you re-order fabric once it is gone?
That depends, sometimes yes and sometimes no. The way we purchase our fabric (in order to keep the prices as low as they can be), many of our fabrics are not re-orderable. It’s always worth asking though. We may have more in our backroom, or we might have the fabric on order.

Do you do custom work?
No, we do not do custom work ourselves but we can refer you to skilled craftspeople and fabricators. We keep contact information for relevant businesses in our area on our website. Go to “More Info”, then “Resources”

Do you offer classes?
We do not offer classes, but we can recommend some great teachers and schools for sewing.
We do have three free knitting/crochet groups that meet at the Natick store which is a great way to get advice from experienced and helpful enthusiasts.

How do I get my business referred or recommended by Fabric Place Basement?
If you’d like to have your business included on our resource page, please provide one of our managers with a business card and a brief description of your services. If we do agree to refer your business, we appreciate a reciprocal link to Fabric Place Basement on your website and/or reciprocal referrals to your clients.

I have a group that would like to meet at your store. Is that possible? What is the charge?
We love to welcome sewing/quilting/needlework groups to our stores. There is no charge for using our store for your event as long as our meeting space is available when you request it and is suitable for the number of attendees and type of event.

Quilting guilds and groups on shop-hops and bus tours are always welcome! Let us know in advance about your plans and we will make your stop at Fabric Place Basement a lot of fun!