How-To Guides For DIY

Are you a DIY enthusiast looking for a new project? Or are you looking to start learning how to make your own creations? Our helpful how-to guides are perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts alike, helping you start to finish with step by step instructions!

Make A Braided Edge Fleece Throw

This guide will help teach you how to create a simple braided edge fleece throw. A simple, but rewarding, project that results in a quick and easy blanket with a refined-looking edge.

Make A No Sew Fleece Project

A favorite project anyone can do! The double-layer throw is warm, cozy and washable. These throws make great handmade gifts, they are perfect for charity projects and kids love to help!

Recovering A Drop-in Chair Seat

Recovering a chair is one of the easiest and most rewarding projects you can take on to refresh your home. With just a couple yards of fabric, you can transform a worn-out set of chairs into something to be proud of!

Create A Reusable Tote Bag

This handy bag will take only an hour or so to complete! See how easy it is to make one and you’re sure to make many to use for all your groceries and “totables.” A set of these bags would make a terrific gift for your eco-friendly friends!

Simple Pleated Mask with Options for a Nose Piece and Filter

Made from quilting cotton, this simple pleated mask has options for adding a nose piece and filter and can be made with fabric ties or elastic ear loops.

Easy Shaped Mask

This mask can be made in three sizes. Add a pleat for an extra snug fit.

Make Your Own Shower Curtain

Why not make you own shower curtain? It’s one of the quickest and easiest home sewing projects to try and you can get exactly the fabric you like to spruce up your décor.

Make Yards and Yards of Bias Strips

To make welting or binding for all kinds of sewing projects, you need a long continuous bias strip. Here’s a simple way to do it!

Pieced Sofa Throw/Beach Blanket/Picnic Throw

Squares of home decorating fabric are joined together thoughtfully in rows. Our sample features fabrics with a beachy, summery theme and was trimmed with a ropy fringe with a nautical feel. Make yours any color and any size! Get creative!

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